Mesobolin – Is Mesobolin Really Better than Anabolic Steroids?

Everyone wants nice looking muscles and to get ripped. Especially body builders, weight lifters and anyone competing in the fitness industry. They want anything they can find to produce those muscles. They used to use anabolic steroids, which are now illegal, and actually many do still use anabolic steroids. I don’t recommend anabolic steroids for the simple fact that the chronic use causes very dangerous problems, and I don’t think you’d look good in the prison orange jumpsuit. Instead I recommend a steroid alternative like Mesobolin.

Mesobolin is a new anabolic steroid alternative that produces big muscles such as 20 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. It is without the common side effects that illegal anabolic steroids give you. Mesobolin is a plant based steroid alternative that is made up of anabolic agents dianabol. Studies have shown that it is just as effective as Dianabol, a common anabolic steroid, but without the side effects. It’s legal too without a prescription.

Mesobolin is partially derived from the plant that produces Turkesterone which is an anabolic agent. This agent speeds up the protein synthesis process which causes the growth of muscles to speed up. It stimulates Ribosome directly unlike steroids which do this indirectly. So you have faster muscle building with Mesobolin for this reason. Other components in this steroid alternative help the muscle cells to retain calcium. This is very important as it is crucial in protein synthesis. Plus weight lifting causes the loss of calcium. So you have the loss stopped with Mesobolin. So you want to build muscle, work out and wonder if you can find the best legal steroid out there that’s available. Well you’re in luck because there are some legal steroids and the best legal steroid doesn’t even require a prescription in the united states.

Anabolic steroids are illegal due to the dangerous side effects. Liver toxicity, hormonal problems, steroid rage are all pretty bad things. Legal steroids however do not have those side effects, but do promote muscle growth just like a steroid. The best legal steroid I’ve heard about is Mesobolin or Tridenosen.

Mesobolin is the best legal steroid alternative. It is also a great replacement for anabolic steroids that have too many dangerous side effects. Mesobolin is a combination of two prescription only anabolic agents. One is derived from a plant that stimulates protein synthesis as good as the steroid Dianabol. The protein synthesis with Mesobolin is actually executed more quickly.

The new steroid on the block and one that is gaining fans in Europe and Australia is Tridenosen. It may be the best legal steroid out there because of all it does. It is not an anabolic steroid as it does not affect hormones with anabolic effects. Tridenosen has terrific retention properties and increases the production of natural hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone and others. It is anabolic, thermogenic, and increases blood supply to skeletal muscles. The main reason Tridenosen is amazing is the main component which is ATP or adenosine triphosphate. It provides high levels of cellular energy which in turn promotes a high amount of protein synthesis. Ever since John little and Peter Sisco popularized static contraction training which is really isometric contraction training, more and more bodybuilders have begun using isometric exercise equipment to turbocharge their strength training workouts. But, do you really need isometric exercisers to do isometric strength training and get maximum results? Read this article and discover the answer!

Isometric Exercise equipment – What is it?

It seems many people are not familiar with isometrics exercisers but, the idea of using chains, straps, resistance bands, Tensolator’s, free weights and other types of exercise equipment to perform Iso’s (isometrics is also referred to as iso’s or iso) has been around for years.

If you were to search online for the training routines of the old-time strongman you might run across, Alexander Zass… who is considered to be the father of modern-day isometrics.

Zass, constructed chains to use in his iso-workouts. Bruce Lee, the actor and martial artists used iso-exercise-equipment as part of his workouts. He used the isometric power rack and the Tensolator to ramp up his strength training workouts and speed.

Many famous bodybuilders have used isometrics exercisers. Most notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s what Arnold had a say about iso-tension… “In fact, I don’t think you can win a championship without practicing isotension…. It isn’t enough to have big muscles, you have to be able to control them as well…. ” this quote appeared in his book “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. “

Besides the Alexander Zass’s use of chains, Bob Hoffman of New york barbell company back in the 50s created the isometrics power rack. This was probably the first time that free weights were used with iso’s. Some say that the results were due to the fact that some of the Olympic powerlifters that were using Mr. Hoffman’s training program… were found to have been using anabolic steroids. Particularly, a very potent one called Dianabol.

The one factor that some of the skeptics of isometric exercise equipment had failed to note is that steroids alone will not cause you to gain strength and muscle size. You must workout. Since these individuals were using a strict isometric training program and they achieved spectacular increases in strength and muscle size… it is obvious that the isometric exercise equipment they used in their workout program was a significant factor in their muscle building gains.

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