How to Create a Google AdWords Account

If you understand the enormous benefits of advertising you’re local or online business using Google AdWords you are probably contemplating creating a Google AdWords account or you already have one. While creating Google AdWords account is a simple procedure you should follow the stipulated guidelines to avoid getting your account banned buy verified adwords account.

In any circumstances there are always the terms of services upon breaching the engagement is broken. In the past some internet marketers have had problem of their accounts or their ads not getting approved because of not following the terms of services of Google AdWords. It is therefore advisable that you that you follow the Google AdWords terms for service for you to run your account effectively.

To step up Google AdWords account you should go to the Google AdWords homepage and click on ‘start now’ you should see the option of choosing your username and you should fill the necessary details of the username and the password. These are the details that you will use in future for logging into your account so you should make a choice that is easy to remember but a safe password too. You can also use your already existing Google account such as Gmail for the Google AdWords. If this is the option you prefer you should search for this option and create the account.

You can now go ahead and choose the preferred currency for running your advertising costs. If you are not aware of the payment options that are available you may make use of the link on payment option that is readily recognizable inside your account. It is important to note that the decision of choosing the currency that you will be billed on it final and you will not be allowed to change this in future. You should therefore choose the currency that you are conversant with. In most case the US dollar is the most preferred currency.

After you have wisely selected the currency billing of choice it is time for you to verify your account. You should now check your email that you used in the registration process for the email with the link on the Google AdWords account verification. If this email is not in the main mail box you may consider checking the spam box for you to verify your account by clicking the verification link that is in this email.

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