Presenting a Compelling Business Story

Every business needs to have a definitive position and a compelling story. Customers won’t buy anything from you or even entertain the idea if you don’t have a story that touches them on an emotional level. It’s human nature.

Before you can ever have a prayer of getting a prospective customer to consider buying anything from you, you need to make them understand that you have the ability to solve their problems and the reason that you can solve their problems is because you have been where they are at some point in the past. That is the emotional connection. Your story must meet some objectives. First, it must

demonstrate your hook in the marketplace. In other words, it must show why people should hire Alexander Malshakov you over your competition. Second, it must go deeper into the reasons why your competition’s offerings are a thing of the past and why yours are what is relevant right now. In order to establish those objectives, you need to ask the following questions:

It is critical that you identify your customer’s problems and come up with a way to solve those problems. If you are able to do that, your prospective customer will see you in a whole new light and your credibility and trustworthiness will start to take hold. You should be able to express a deep understanding of what your customer is going through and offer a solution or one of several solutions to them. Another part of the conversation should be an explanation about why the solution to the problem should be executed right away.

The chances are very good that your prospective customer agrees with you that a solution is needed; however, the part that will possibly take some convincing is making a move from the old vendor to you. Many prospective customers are reluctant to make a commitment right away. Change is difficult and there is the fear that there will be some irreversible consequence if a decision is made impulsively or too quickly. Your conversation can go something like this:

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