How to Introduce a Speaker Without Embarrassing Yourself

The introduction brings together those elements and serves as a bridge, a transition from one part of the meeting to another. The audience may have just listened to a speaker on a totally different subject or may be mulling over a conversation they just had. An introduction gives the audience time to make a mental and emotional shift, preparing people for the speaker and heightening their sense of anticipation. Just because an audience is there doesn’t mean they are ready to listen. Let the audience know “what’s in it for me”-narrow the gap between them and the speaker and get the audience ready to “eat up” what the speaker has to say.

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So, now that you understand the purpose of an introduction, how do you achieve this purpose? You achieve it with the 3 P’s of a good introduction: Preparation , Practice and Performance. Most of your time will be spent in preparation, gathering information to fuse the subject, the audience and the speaker.

You can visit the speaker’s website, or company website for some information. You can talk to people who know the speaker. Google the speaker’s name for additional relevant information. Most likely, you will contact the speaker directly to obtain most of the information.

Subject – What is the topic? A brief description of the topic of the speech establishes a connection with the audience. Try to include an interesting and attention-getting fact or statement.

Audience – Why would the audience be interested in the topic? Get audience background information, if you don’t already know it. What are the audience’s interests or concerns? How does the subject relate to the audience? Is it timely or important to them?

Speaker – Talk to the speaker in advance of the event and learn about the speaker’s experience, education, life, interests and accomplishments-whatever helps establish the speaker’s credibility on the topic. Many speakers will send you a bio or their own written introduction. Verify if you must read it as is, or if you may paraphrase. Find out what the speaker would like you to emphasize. Also verify the pronunciation of the speaker’s name. I remember once being flustered as I was about to introduce a man with the last name “Butz.” Is that Boots, Buttes or Butts? I hadn’t checked ahead of time and went with “Butts.” I was wrong.

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