Ergonomic Furniture – Why Is It So Important In An Office?

A lot of factors impact performance of employees in an office. One of the major factors is physical comfort. Unless an employee is comfortable in his seating, he develops problems of the lower back, neck, spine and brain. Such problems have a direct impact on the productivity of the employee. But more than that, bad office furniture can give employees long term health problems, which can play havoc in both their personal and professional lives. In order to avoid such undesirable and avoidable issues, use of ergonomic furniture in office interior is highly recommended.

The Ergonomics of a Chair Explained | ChairOffice

A lot of people relate “ergonomic” to seating. Although this is a right perception, ergonomic is not limited to seating alone. You can have a complete workstation built in the ergonomic style and enhance comfort and productivity of employees ergonomic furniture for office. These workstations, when smartly incorporated into office design, enhance the visual appeal of the space as well.

An ergonomic workstation is built in a way that promotes right posture and maintains a healthy distance between the employee and the computer screen so that the angle of viewing does not impact the eyes negatively. In addition, the chair is designed so as to provide support for the back, keep legs bent at right angles at the knees, a footrest for leg support and such that the wrists are kept straight. As a result of all these incorporations, the musculoskeletal system of the body is healthy, blood circulation in the body is not impeded and employees do not suffer fatigue and reduced mental efficiency. So, if you think that furniture has got nothing to do with the level of your mental prowess, you need to reconsider your thought.

There are no particular standard dimensions for ergonomic furniture since it has to be customized for the person using it. So, good ergonomic furniture is that which has adjustable parts including the seat height and back support. A neck rest is provided in order to take stress of the neck. Typically, the back support should be bent back at an angle of 120° and the workstation should have a 5 cm lumbar support. The chair distributes your weight uniformly so that the bones and joints in your body do not take too much strain.

Nature has designed humans so as to aid a high degree of mobility. So, if you lead a sedentary life and spend long hours on a hard and uncomfortable chair, your health is sure to be affected. When you sit for long hours, you tend to hunch over, droop your shoulders and have a weak posture. In order to remedy such problems, ergonomic furniture is a very effective option. The scope of this kind of furniture is huge. It gives the required support for your body and keeps you comfortable as you work. Although the use of ergonomic furniture in office interiors does reduce the chances of injury to a large extent, it does not rule out the risk altogether. So, it is advisable that you take a break at least once every hour and stretch your body.

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