How to Turn Simple Magic Tricks Into Miracles

You can be the hit of the party and impress your friends and family by simply taking easy to perform magic tricks and turning them into mind-blowing miracles. See the world and achieve untold riches, this is all possible as a person who can perform miracles.

The first thing you need to do is to break a simple magic trick down into the components that make up the trick. For example, you’ve probably seen a million times the simple trick of a spectator picking a card from playing deck and the magician finding it. Simple enough. Here’s what actually makes up this trick

A beginner may just fan the deck and have a spectator pick a card. The current method most all magicians are now using is a riffle of the deck while asking the spectator miracle sheets review to stay stop. This actually makes it appear that the card they selected is a random one. You have probably seen magicians do this with their card tricks.

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Unfortunately, we want to do miracles. So let’s take the selection component of the magic trick and turn it into a miracle. What if we picked someone from the audience? We gave them a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. We take a deck of cards and fan it open, facing towards the spectator and away from the magician. We ask the spectator to just think of one of the cards. No touching of cards. Nothing is removed from the deck. At this point you have a 1 in 52 chance of getting the card right (of course you’ll get it right every time).

I believe this method of selection causes a much bigger impact because the spectator is only THINKING of a card and there is no way anyone could know except a true magician.

Now we move to the second component. We need a way for her to return the card so we can later announce it in component three. How about if you have her write the card she is thinking of on a large piece of paper. You have her fold the paper into fourths so it’s about the size of a paperback book. Then you have her initial the top of the folded paper. She then holds her arm high so everyone can see the paper with her initials and with her holding it (not the magician).

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