You must know that one day gambling will take you to hell. Gambling is something that is already widely known by people around the world today, where gambling here is considered to bring its own excitement to the players, because gambling is considered by them to be able to bring in money quickly and of course it is also instant. In fact, it’s just a lie.

Gambling is an activity that is prohibited in religion, where in religion itself God forbids every believer to gamble domino99 . And of course the threat of punishment given by God is not a joke for gamblers, that gambling will take you to hell for those who deliberately play it.

This is also written in the Qur’an and the hadiths that gambling will take you to hell. The scholars agreed to establish the status of haram for gambling which means that the people are not allowed or prohibited from playing or even just approaching the gambling game. Gambling is a game which involves betting the property of the players.

Gambling f is currently widely circulating online. Some of them you can find on the site, are poker gambling, domino gambling, dominoqq online and so on. To play on this online gambling site is very easy where players only need to use the internet. This is what makes gambling games seem endless or even increase from time to time.

You may ignore the legal threat in religion, which is gambling will take you to hell. You may think that the important thing is to be happy in this world. Even though it is clear that this act is not true where as it is known that God created humans so that humans are devoted and have faith in God


Actually gambling games themselves have been banned by the government and religion, even scholars have also intervened to be able to prevent people from playing gambling and to know the legal threats that will be accepted both in this world and in the hereafter. Many scholars have actually come down directly to preach to the people to stay away from betting games or what we usually call this gambling.

In addition, the government has also tried hard to prevent its citizens from gambling. The government does not hesitate to arrest anyone who gambling, both players and gambling site owners. Even the government did not hesitate to issue a government law on gambling in which the legal threat is imprisonment.

But back again where the owner of the gambling site is like a slippery eel. They are very good at tricking the government by changing internet addresses. This is where the real government problem is, because of the cleverness of the site owner, the government of course has difficulty catching the perpetrators.

For those of you who are already in the gambling circle, stop now. This works for us in the afterlife after we experience death. Because as explained above that in Islam gambling will take you to hell.

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