Mini Storage Unit Auction Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Storage unit auctions are a great new way to make money. You get merchandise from winning the auction and then you resell it in various ways like Craigslist and eBay. Your profits begin at the mini storage auction, to maximize your profit avoid these mistakes.

1. Traveling too far. Everyone understands the high cost of gasoline. If you travel too far to your auction this travel expense will come right out of your profits. While it is true that the more auctions you attend the more likely you are to make money, it is also true that you need to be aware of your expenses. Your best chance of succeeding is to stay with the auctions in your city. In large cities you will find auctions happening every weekend so you should have little need to travel out more than an hour or two.

2. Getting There Late. If you really want to make money at this game then get there early. If you arrive even 10 minutes early you greatly increase your chances of winning, even if you don’t get to view the items being auctioned you can still check out your competition.

3. Failure to ask questions. If you fail to ask for basic information it can really cost you. You need to call ahead and confirm that the auction hasn’t been cancelled, what the accepted methods of payment are, if you will be bidding on sealed storage bins or storage bays. You can also find out the size of the units up for auction and the bidding rules. This information will put you ahead of your competition because most people don’t ask.

4. Bidding too high on blind bids. Sometimes the storage bins or bays are sealed but most times you will at least get a quick look inside. If the units are sealed your risk is much higher so you should keep this in mind. Often the storage units are full but this may be the time that there is only a single box in the corner, so be careful. This sometimes happens when the renters have come in and removed items before the auction.

5. Failure to bring a flashlight. If the unit you are bidding on is opened you may get a quick look 迷你倉推薦 around. There may be little light on the inside of the unit so be prepared.

To sum up you must understand your market and what you are looking at in the storage units. If you understand the items that will sell it becomes a matter of matching it up. Of course it is always something of a gamble but your job is to lower the odds with information. Furniture and household items are always good sellers. Find out if there are name brand items, look for boxes labeled kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

You shouldn’t expect to get rich right away. Your success with mini storage unit auctions has a big element of luck, while you may profit on your first auction, it is equally true that you may not. However, the more you buy the greater the opportunity of making a profit is.

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