Be Prepared To Win – Company Golf Day Or 18 Holes At Your Club, Play To Your Handicap You Can Win

To win at golf start by being prepared: Company golf day or 18 holes at your club, you still need a check list, and to prepared before hand. Clean your clubs, make sure all the dirt is cleaned out of the grooves on the face of your clubs, they are handicap placard there for controlling spin. Clean the grips with warm soap and water to remove any grease, select the clubs you need you are only permitted 14 in your bag. Place them all in the bag in the correct order I personally like them to place them clock wise putter first driver last. Check the balls: We play with Pro-V1; you will have your preference. I like the number 3 on the ball. Then NEVER have any problem in identifying my ball. Make sure you have tee pegs selection of sizes, Pitch repairer , ball marker, pencil to mark your score card, towel to clean your clubs and the ball, if you use an electric golf cart make the batteries are charged. Correct code of dress is required at many clubs, check your clothes are ready, shoes clean and remember most top golf resorts or clubs will not permit steel spikes, so make sure you have rubber grips in good condition, comfortable soft wool socks, correct size glove, if there is a chance of rain take a wet weather glove and umbrella.

Golf cap and sun cream if the sun is shining. Take drinks maybe an energy boost like Red Bull and a mars bar, fruit. Car has fuel, and you have directions to the course. Confirm your tee time. Plan to arrive at the course in plenty of time. Double check your tee time and who you’re playing partners are. Purchase a course planner; note in your mind any special hazards; be aware of wind strength and direction.

Pay your green fees or competition entry fee; check your recorded handicap is correct, be sure you know the competition rules and understand which game you are playing, stable-ford, match play / best ball, stroke play. Study the course score card so you know the degree of difficultly index for each hole. Plan your strategies.

OK now relax: Golf is a mental game, which requires positive thinking -NO negative thoughts. You also need a combination, of concentration – but no tension in the arms. Coffee and a bacon roll, sit back in the club house relax for 20 minutes, If you still have plenty of time go to the range play three balls with each club DO NOT SWING HARD only 80% of your full power, timing, tempo, rhythm, balance. Start with your wedge through to driver, then putting long putts to feel the speed of the greens, place ten balls all round the hole down hill up hill, finish with a few easy putts to see the ball dropping in the hole gives you confidence. Now you are ready to win most important thing to remember is if you are playing with a single handicap player or a player with a lower handicap than you.

DO NOT try to play to their level: PLAY YOUR OWN GAME. You have the advantage of the handicap play to your handicap and you will win. If the competition is just a few days away the NO time to consider any swing changes to your game. But you can review your mental approach, and course management. Pre-shot routine, visualize the flight and trajectory of the ball, in your minds eye landing on target. GOLF is a MIND GAME you need to be confident and positive on every shot. Trust your swing and above all trust the loft on your club. Key Objective a nice easy natural swing, timing, tempo, rhythm, balance. Keep eyes on the ball head down left arm in control. Do not force the shot with the strong right arm.

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