Best MMORPG Games That Require No Download for Your Gaming Needs

Sometimes we just get tired of the same old MMORPGS games we’re playing, other times we just want to try something new and different. Or maybe you’re computer have it better off with an MMORPG game that require no download, but whatever reason, it would be cool to revive the list of the best MMORPG games.

We all have heard about the game World Of Warcraft if you haven’t lived in a cave the last five years. To say it easily, WoW is the most well know must-download to play F95zone game out there. But in fact, there are a few games out there that have more players than WoW and also free to play and very fun as well.

Well, hate it or love it, but here it comes! The most played free MMORPG game that require no download is of course Runescape!

Runescape have 130 + million players and a daily of 5 million active players. This game tops the list of all played games of all time. Don’t get me wrong when I’m saying “no download”, the game itself require java to be installed on your computer, but almost all computers that surf the internet daily or weekly, have java installed. The game takes place in the fantasy world Gielinor, which is divvied into several kingdoms, districts and cities. In fact, this game has so many things to do, that it provides over ten thousand hours of playing. What other free online game can compare to that? Players create their own characters and increasing in levels in skills when going through the game. The game provides many hundreds of different types of monsters, quests and materials. Not long ago they just had a graphic update, and it is now played in 3D graphic and they also have full-screen available for paid-players.

The other game i will mention is the famous Maple Story. This game can be compared to the other big-daddys in MMORPG games. With 90+ million registered players this game can’t go wrong. It is owned and created by the Korean company Wizet, which is a known company in MMORPGS games. Maple Story is also about walking around with your character and killing monsters and players and being social with other players in the game. It has unique 2D graphic system and reminds much of these beautiful platforms Nintendo games, like Mario. If you’re a fan of Mario, you will surely be fan of Maple Story too.

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