Internet Games and Your Child’s Intelligence

Young people and computer games are seldom seen apart these days; often some parents experience times when a child would have a temper fit and cry their lungs out just to get to play their game even for five minutes more. This is an issue that an increasing amount of parents are finding difficulty with and in that sense, parents can also be informed, so to speak, about the different opportunities that online gaming can offer to their children.

It is true that there are some games in the Internet that can encourage hostility and aggressiveness in children. But parents shouldn’t shun the internet just because of this fact. Just like much in life, there is a bad and a positive side to things. There are also games that can increase a child’s IQ and stimulate mental and thinking ability. Research says that children exposed to computer games conducive to learning actually have a better attention span and concentrate better on their studies and in school participation, strengthening the child’s natural talents and abilities.

Games that require a child to critically think and plan out strategies in games can be a deciding factor for their development. Online games like Tetris, Backgammon and other strategy games can help the child think and plan on how to approach certain situations, where they may be able to apply them in real life.

Games that require a child to use memory and logical thinking are also present in the internet F95ZONE; memory blocks and color determination are some games that improve this aspect of children’s thinking abilities. There are also games based on language and word play, such as Scrabble, Literati and Lexulous, which would greatly help improve your child’s English vocabulary skills and also his ability to form a strategy for the game.

There are online games that will also train your child’s mental alertness such as adventure and role playing games. These games come with a story, and would hone your child’s alertness. There are also online games which are based on genuine board games such as Chess, Checkers and many more.

As said before, some games will not be suitable for children because it may contain harsh or foul words, so it is the challenge to parents that they monitor the games that their children play in order for them to benefit from online games.

It can be even better when parents actively join in with their children on these Internet games. After all, this kind of activity would mean better understanding for children and they will be monitored to ensure that the content of the what they are playing would be seen by the parents.

Although online gaming can be of benefit to your child, parents should continue to remember that a child also needs to socialize with other children for them to develop other life skills. Internet games can enhance mental activity and mental capacity but these games can also become a source for unwanted behavior. This is why it is extremely important to make time for outdoor activities for children in order for them to become healthy and happy, giving time for academics and physical exercise.

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