Is There an Easier Way to Increase Your Credit Score?

Credit repair software is used by many consumers who have been affected by identity theft. Identity theft means that someone has used your personal information without permission to obtain credit or services in your name. This is a crime and one you should report to law enforcement officials. Using a credit repair software helps you avoid the embarrassment of being denied credit because of your personal information.

You can dispute inaccurate and incomplete information on your credit reports with credit repair companies. However, you have no legal rights to do this. Credit repair organizations are not authorized to fix incorrect information for you The only way to resolve this problem is to get a copy of your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies and check it for errors.

You should remember that credit repair companies do not give legal rights to remove errors in your credit reports. If you feel that information is incorrect then you need to dispute it with the credit bureaus. The bureaus are obligated to investigate your claims thoroughly and determine whether the information is accurate. If they determine the information to be incorrect then they must correct it and must notify you.

It is possible that you will have to dispute inaccurate negative items with the credit reporting agencies. You will have to write and object to the negative item. You should send a dispute letter to the credit repair company. The company will then evaluate the letter and determine if they agree to remove the negative item. However, the negative item will remain on your credit reports for up to four years.

With credit repair companies offering credit repair solutions you do not have to deal with inaccurate and incomplete information on your credit reports. The credit repair organizations will handle everything. You do not have to pay a dime to a credit repair company and they can help you dispute information that may be incorrect on your credit report.

You may be able to save hundreds of dollars when you use a professional credit repair solution. You do not have to worry about missing payments on your bills or wasting time and effort removing negative items from your credit report. If you are having trouble paying your bills and making your payments then using a professional credit repair company is a good way to begin the process of increasing your credit score.

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