Can a Lasting E-Business Be Built on Blogging?

A lasting e-business is a meaningful online business with long-term income that continues to grow with little to no effort.

Wikipedia defines a blog as “a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order”

And blogging is the act of maintaining a blog.

When you want to do business online you must decide whether you just want some quick cash and be off or you want to build a business that will outlive you.

A business you will plan and put in time to build and it eventually runs itself with no more effort from you HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . This is the goal of most offline business builders and some people are already achieving same goal online.

Everyone’s dream is to attain financial freedom and that happens when you earn good money enough to cater for your needs and wants with minimal to zero efforts.

I want to build a business that can eventually exist without me. What do you want? If you want the same thing then blogging is never going to achieve that for you ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . The first reason being that blogging requires regular updates. The moment you stop updating your blog, your traffic will start dropping.

That’s just because of the way blogs are designed. They are designed to be used for news updates, what’s new. This makes visitors to blog always look for the latest posts, even when your older posts offer value, many of your visitors wouldn’t read them. If they visit your blog and don’t find new posts, they are quick to leave.

And your traffic from the search engines too will drop. So even when people promote the idea that you can sleep while your blog makes money for you, this is not completely true.

I started my make money online Journey with blogging but that was before I knew better. When I did, I quickly started over again this time the right way that I have learnt and seen successful e-business builders business their businesses.

I still have three blogs full of high value content but I no longer update them because I know I can’t achieve what I want that way which is to build e-businesses that can eventually run themselves so I can achieve my overall goal – financial freedom

Blogging like I’ve pointed out doesn’t meet this purpose because you regularly have to update your blogs to keep things going.

Yes, there are some smart people who are successful with blogging and earn good money but this is less than 1% of the total number of bloggers. But this is not even the point, the point is can problogger or John chow who are some of the successful bloggers stop blogging and still have increased income or will their income drop drastically?

This is the point. Can their blogs eventually run themselves? No it can’t, which means blogging is not an option if you want to build a lasting e-business.

It’s about what you want. Decide what you want then ask yourself if blogging will make it happen for you. If you don’t yet know what blogging is about or yet to start a blog, then luck you because you have the chance to start right. Now first get the right information about what blogging entails then make your decision.

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