Backup tutors are available if anything should happen with your tutor.

How a good tutoring company ensures knowledge of the subject matter:

Good companies test everyone who works for them. Potential tutors have to take several written and oral qualifying exams, to ensure complete knowledge of a subject and proper teaching skills. A good tutoring company doesn’t go by references alone.

Asking tutors to explain a concept aloud, on the spot, in order to see directly how they teach.

Many good companies give you a chance to “test-drive” a tutor for one session and guarantee a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

How you can ensure knowledge 導師 of subject matter:

When you approach a tutoring company, ask what credentials the tutors have. Look at the tutor profiles page. When talking with a tutor ask the tutor to explain why something works as well as how to do the math.

Factor #5: Responsibility

The reality is some tutors, especially in fast-paced New York City, just don’t show up, or don’t return phone calls for weeks at a time.

What A Good Company Does to Prevent Run-away Tutors

We’ve had a few come through our company even. We were astonished that some people could be so unprofessional. We learned.

Now, though our default attitude continues to be trust-based, we understand it is possible for this to occur, and if you came to us for tutoring you’d need to know about us that a tutor who does this is removed from her/his jobs and replaced, period. They don’t work for our company again. (Who knows, they may be working for some other company now-so be sure to do some due diligence!) We expect this is how any good company will handle this. But not all companies do have a backup tutor at the ready, one who’s fully competent to take over in the middle of the process and get your ready for your exams.

This kind of thing happens very rarely with tutoring companies, and is by far the most infrequent of the three problems we’ve outlined here. But when it does happen it can be very distressing for students. So it’s good to know you won’t run into that problem.

How to Do Your Due Diligence:

Ask a tutoring company if they’ve ever had this occur, and how they handled it. Ask for a guarantee that not only will your problem be addressed but that a backup tutor will be available immediately to ensure you’re ready for your exams in time. And that this backup tutor be at least as good as the original.

Summary: How to Get the Best Tutor for YOU

In summary, communication skill, real knowledge of the principles behind the material, and guarantees of responsiveness are the three most important things to ensure you’re getting a good tutoring experience that brings you to where you want to be in your studies and your grades. Don’t just take our word for it-ask us, ask whatever other company you look at out there.

Take the time to get it right the first time, since it will waste valuable time and make things that much more frantic if you have to do it all again later-plus adding more confusion to your studies or those of your child. And also, if you get a really good tutor, a really great match, you won’t just get the benefit of repairing what’s not been working in your education previously-you may find you are learning worlds more than you were before.

To recap:

What to ask the tutor or tutoring director:

• how do you/your tutors communicate? What tools do you use to make sure communication is getting through to me in a way that I actually get it?
• Explain a mathematical concept to me.
• Explain to me why this thing works, what’s the substance behind the method, as well as how to do the math.
• Have you/your tutors tutored before or only taught in a classroom?
• My learning style is _____. Do you have a tutor/can you tutor to my specific learning style?
• I don’t know what my learning style is. I’ve always had trouble with ____. Can you help me figure out what my learning style is, and will you/the tutor be able to tutor to that learning style?
• What qualifications do your tutors have?
• Ask if there are backup tutors in case of irresponsibility, and ask if the company has ever handled the situation of a runaway before.

What to look for:

• a great tutor will ask you questions while explaining, and find out if you’re following what she/he’s saying, rather than assuming you’re understanding (or that you’re the one who’s at fault if you don’t understand).
• a great tutor won’t assume that just because you’re hearing the words that you’re understanding.
• if you don’t understand the first explanation, a great tutor will explain it differently the second time, rather than simply repackaging the original explanation in different words.
• Backup tutors are available if anything should happen with your tutor.

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