Newcomers Guide to Day Spa Etiquette!

As is true in many other places, a day spa requires proper etiquette to allow all clients to relax and take a welcome break from their usual routines. The last thing anyone would want at a day spa is distractions. On your next visit to a day spa, here is a list of proper etiquette guidelines that you should observe. It will help make your visit a worthwhile experience for you and for everyone else.

Arrive on Time for Your Appointment

Day spas almost always book appointments in order to avoid keeping clients waiting for an extended period of time. If you have set an appointment for your therapy, be punctual. Arrive on time so as not to delay the scheduled service to clients who will arrive after you for treatment. Come 15 to 20 minutes ahead of your appointment so that you will have adequate time to sit and relax before the session begins.

Turn off Your Cell Phone and Converse Quietly

One of the things a spa is known for is serene ambiance and soft music. This helps set a mood of relaxation for their guests. As much as possible, stay in tune with the escort massage hong kong serenity of the atmosphere by keeping your voice low when conversing and setting your cell phone on mute so as to not bother other guests who are enjoying the peace and quiet of the spa.

Let Any Particular Preferences be Known

If you are particular about the gender of your masseuse, let that preference be known ahead of time, preferably when you make your appointment. Though most spas primarily have women therapists, there are some spas that also employ men in this role. Since the latter is certainly the exception to the rule, if that is what you prefer, don’t forget to inform the spa when you book for a treatment since there are not many male therapists available at all times.

Underwear vs. None-derwear

Once at the spa, you are normally requested to change into something more comfortable such as a robe and slippers. It is always your choice as to whether or not you keep on your undergarments. Normally, you wear nothing else except for panties under the robe so that the therapist can massage your body thoroughly. Your body is always draped except for the specific area being treated. If you will not be comfortable unless you retain all of your underwear, let that fact be known so that you can discuss this and come to a mutual agreement.

Retain Your Modesty

The flip side of that coin is that while you are waiting in the lounge area for your massage therapist, be considerate of the other guests by making sure that your body isn’t overly exposed.

If Not Comfortable, Let That be Known

As soon as you are ready, you will be escorted into the therapy room and given a moment to remove your robe and climb onto the treatment table under the draping sheets. The therapist will normally ask if you are comfortable. This is your time to indicate if anything at all in the current arrangement is or makes you feel uncomfortable. Since the primary goal of massage therapy is to relax you, it would certainly be counterproductive to be uncomfortable in any way before you even begin the procedure.

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